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PAC Fund

Contribute to ILBA’s PAC Fund

These are critical times in Illinois, especially for our small businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry where an unceasing amount of regulations have over the years been placed on your licensed establishments.

Since the beginning, the Illinois Licensed Beverage Association has been your advocate in Springfield, speaking out against onerous legislation and regulatory proposals; working to promote good relations between state and governmental officials and our industry sector.  And, we have been able to win many battles in your favor that would not have happened if we hadn’t been on “the ground” fighting on your behalf.

In order to continue our good work in Springfield, it is important, through our Political Action Committee, to channel contributions to those candidates who we believe will help achieve legislative decisions consistent with the policies of the alcoholic beverage industry, and who will help create a favorable climate for the free enterprise system.

Legislators, opinion makers and political leaders cannot possibly evaluate the impact of every piece of legislation and regulations on our industry unless we share with them our views and our unique knowledge and expertise on the issues.  This kind of communication and “political action” helps to promote ILBA’s agenda and to further a strong free enterprise system.

That’s why we need your help! We know these are tough times, but please contribute what you can to ILBA’s Political Action Fund, so we can continue to be your advocate in Springfield — and continue to be heard and recognized as a strong voice on your behalf.

All donations big or small are welcome. To donate online please click the donation button below or send your contribution via check to the ILBA office.