2011 Legislative Update 

Monday, September 19, 2011 5:37:38 PM




The Illinois Licensed Beverage Association was very active during the 2011 Spring Session of the General Assembly.  A total of 640 bills passed both Chambers so far this year.  Additionally many more bills did not pass out of the Legislature.  There are many issues that will be addressed in the Fall 2011 Veto Session scheduled for October 25 through November 10, 2011.


The ILBA has been protecting hospitality interests in 2011.  Below find a few updates from the 2011 session of the 97th General Assembly.




1.)     Defeated HB 1600 which would have eliminated the use of oil, shortening or margarine that contain trans fat in cooking and food service.


2.)  Defeated HB 1327 which would have prohibited combining alcohol with 

      caffeine, guarana or other similar substances that are commonly referred 

      to as caffeinated alcohol beverages.


3.)   Defeated HB 2992 which would have provided a Department of Revenue  

      investigator the powers of a police officer if any offense or violation other  

      than taxing issues were discovered during an investigation.


4.)   Defeated SB 06 which would have increased taxes on tobacco products.


5.)   Defeated SB 50 which would have prohibited all alcohol energy drinks.





1.)     Passed Public Act 97-0005 which protects the three – tier system of 

      manufacturing, distributing and selling adult beverages.


2.)     Illinois Supreme Court rules to allow Public Act 96 – 34 to move forward 

      allowing legalized video gaming in on premise adult beverage establishments.


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September 2011 

Saturday, July 09, 2011 3:40:05 PM

Updated legislative news will be posted here.

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